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Issue #62 Winter 2014/2015
Photographs of Cuba by Richard Morse of Harrisburg, PA; a photo portfolio by Mary Waddington of Salem, NJ. Poetry by Alexander Levering Kern of Somerville, MA and Susan Chast of Philadelphia.
Sunflowers in field
"Sunflowers," photograph, original in color, © Mary Waddington
Cuban Woman
Cuba #2, B and W photograph © Richard Morse
Issue #61 Fall 2014
Book art by Melissa Dey Hasbrook, Michigan, and Judy Ballinger, Pennslyvania; also social comment art by Namaya Productions of Vermont and an essay by Trudy Myrh Regan of Clifornia; photos from FGC and the Tri-Quarter retreat in New Jersey.
Abstract painting
Book Art © Melissa Dey Hasbrook
book art display
Melissa's book art displayed at FGC/FQA artist reception
Issue # 60 Summer 2014
Art from Gene Hall, Tucson, Arizona. British, French, German and American artists meet in Congenies, France. Also, poetry by Alexander Levering Kern and photographs of Gaza by Skip Schiel, both from Massachusetts.
Abstract Painting
"Eviseration," Oil on unstretched canvas, © Gene Hall
Palestinian Woman
Faces of Gaza © Skip Schiel
Issue # 59 Spring 2014
Oil paintings by Roberta Foss and photography by Terry Foss, Philadelphia; essays by Doris Pulone, New Jersey and Annie VF Storr, Maryland; Members’ news from across the U.S.
Abstract Oil Painting
Oil, 16"x16" © Roberta Foss
Gum Pods
GumPods, © Terry Foss
Issue #58 Winter 2013/2014
Oil Paintings by Lawrence Sexton from Indiana, pottery by Michael Edwars, Philadelphia, portraits by Trudy Myrrh Reagan, California, and historic anit-war art by English Quaker artist Joseph Southall.
Larry Sexton painting
Lawrence Sexton (known as Larry to many) paints plein air at
Delaware Bay Estuary, New Jersey.
Painting of brook
"Winter Brook, View from Pendle Hill,"
Oil, 20x20 © Lawrence Sexton
Issue #57 Fall 2013
Woodcuts, linocuts, mono prints and totem carvings by Jules from Providence, Rhode Island, poetry by Susan Chast, Philadelphia, and photography by Bonnie Zimmer of Barnegat, New Jersey.
Prints on Clothesline
© Jules
Print hung on Tree
Weathered Prayer © Jules
Issue #56 Summer 2013
Urban wall and garden art in Trenton, New Jersey, Peter Franzen's mixed media art and comments from Manhattan, New York City and Hilarious Quakers, a book from Chuck Fager, North Carolina
Wall Mural
Art by a SAGE coalition member brightens a neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey.
"Dingos" by Peter Franzen
Issue #55 Spring 2013
View art from artists who live or have their roots in New Jersey. Judy Ballinger claims the state as her ancestral home. Also meet New Jersey artists Keith Calmes, Mary Waddington, and Judith Weiss.
"Springtime" © by Judith Weiss of Trenton (New Jersey) Monthly Meeting.
"Sea Shells," silk paint on silk, 8” X 54” crepe de chine scarf, © Judy Ballinger
Issue #54 Winter 2012/2013
View art from artists who live in Indiana, North Carolina, California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania: Carol Sexton, Chuck Fager, Marian KaplunShapiro and others.
"Spiraling Growth," Colored Pencil, 9" x 9" © Carol Sexton
"David and Jonathan at the Stone Ezel" by Edward Hicks
Issue #53 Fall 2012 PDF
View art from artists who live in Maine, Arizona, California and Pennsylvania: Joe Godleski, (front and back cover art), Jeanmarie Simpson, Adrian Martinez and Trudy Myrrh Reagan and others
Pigs Drawing
"Pigs," 10” X 8,” acrylic block ink on paper © Joe Godleski
Heron Painting
"Heron," 10" X 10," water miscible oil © Joe Godleski
Issue #52 Summer 2012 PDF
View art from artists who live in California, Kansas, Maryland and Pennsylvania: Myrrh, Anne Haehl, Anne Griffith, (front and back cover art), Keith Calmes and Maria Cattell
Forest Remembered, Painting
"Forest Remembered," oil on canvas, 30" X 40" © Anne Griffith
Slip to my Lou, Painting
"Skip to My Lou," oil on canvas,
30" X 30" © Anne Griffith
Issue #51 Spring 2012 PDF
View art from artists who live in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania: Liz Di Giorgio, Winifred Keane, Jennifer Elam (front and back cover art), Sebastian Martinez and Terry Foss

"My Angel Came" acrylic on water color paper © Jennifer Elam

"Witness" oil on linen (original in color) © Liz Di Giorgio

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