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Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

Visalia contacts -- Greg Seastrom (gregseastrom@gmail.com, 559-734-4911)
and Dan O'Connell (danieljoconnell@hotmail.com)

AVP is a non-profit organization of volunteers offering experiential workshops that empower individuals to liberate themselves from the burden of violence. Our fundamental belief is that there is a power for peace and good in everyone, and this power has the ability to transform our relationships. AVP builds on respect and caring for ones self and extends that into concentric circles of community.

What's an AVP workshop like? AVP workshops are guided into being, not run by the facilitators. The facilitators setup an environment where participants can create a close community. Much of what happens depends on the participants. Each workshop creates a unique community. It's difficult how to explain that starting out on the same road leads to a different destination every time, but that's what it's like.

There are three different levels of workshop - basic, advanced and training for facilitators. The relationship between participant and facilitators is different in each case. In a basic workshop, the participants are guided by the facilitators through a series of exercises, discussions and games, which explore the themes of violence, non-violence and conflict resolution. In a second level, the participants decide which aspect of violence they wish to explore in depth. In a trainer's course, the trainees facilitate a basic workshop with experienced backup.

AVP believes there is a drive within us all towards peace. Once you can show people that they too have this drive, it's amazing the transformation that can happen. AVP has worked in prisons, in local communities, and youth groups for over 40 years. Quakers started it, but AVP is a non-sectarian project facilitated by volunteers with a common principle -- a heartfelt belief that each of us can access the transformational power to avoid violence and create peaceful communities.

How Can I Help Transform My Community Toward More Peaceful Relationships?

  • Help spread the word -
    • Visit the Internet addresses below and learn more about AVP
    • Make 10 copies of this flyer and share it with your friends
    • Contribute to the community AVP library
  • Attend a Community AVP Basic Workshop and use the techniques in your daily life
  • You or your organization can become an AVP Sponsor and support workshops through outreach and donation of scholarships.
  • You can attend additional workshops and become an AVP Facilitator yourself!

Our community can organize, train and field a growing cadre of AVP volunteers in the Tulare County area to bring this project to schools, youth groups, correction centers - wherever there is the need.

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