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Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

c/o Community Friends

3960 Winding Way

Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

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The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) holds as the basis of its faith the belief that God endows every person with a measure of the same Divine Spirit.  The gift of Godís presence and the light of Godís truth have been available to all people in all ages.  Friends find this manifestation of God exemplified in Jesus of Nazareth.  The Divine Spirit became so wholly Jesusí own that his teaching, example, and sacrificial life reveal the will of God to humanity.


The About Quakers Page has the following Quakerism articles: Our Faith, Diversity, Forms of Worship, the Testimonies, Theology, and Frequently Asked Questions.


The Quaker History Page contains a detailed history of the Religious Society of Friends from its beginnings to the present day.

About Quakers

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends

Quakerism Founder George Fox Refuses Oath of Allegiance and Rejects Violence.Painting of Treaty of William Penn with Indians by Benjamin West.
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