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Overview of Publications and Forms


Here you will find various resources for of use to Monthly Meetings and individual members.† These resources include Minutes written and approved by Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting on a variety of topics associated with the Testimonies, such as Peace, Sustainability, and Equality.† There are also Documents and Minutes available dealing with OVYMís operations such as the current Faith and Practice and the Handbook, as well as a copy of the 1968 History of Indiana Yearly Meeting (which is now OVYM).


The Application Forms are for use by Meetings and members, mostly for submission to Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting, and include forms for submitting Meeting Statistics, requests for travel advances, reimbursement for travel and other expenses, applications for volunteer and paid positions for working with youth, and a Membership Record form that Meetings may find useful in maintaining documentation on members.


The Documents and Minutes are available as Adobe PDF files.† Simply click on the name of the document you wish to open.† If an existing document needs to be updated, please submit the change to the OVYM Secretary or use the Contact Us Page.


If you need to install the Adobe Reader, you can do so by going to the Adobe Reader Download Page.


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