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Updated: 12/12/2014

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

c/o Community Friends

3960 Winding Way

Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

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Officers, Staff, and Committees

About Us

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends

2014-2015 OFFICERS

Rex Sprouse Stephen Angell Paul Buckley Terre Holada Wilson Palmer (Vacant)
Clerk Assistant Clerk Recording Clerk Assistant Recording Clerk Treasurer Assistant Treasurer
Fall Creek Oxford North Meadow Circle Fort Wayne Eastern Hills
OVYM Secretary: Deborah Jordan

Youth Secretary: Carol Simmons

Quaker Quill Editor: Celia Shore - assisted by Susan Lee Barton and Tim Leonard

Records Coordinators: Susan Hyde and Christine Snyder

Statistician: Frank Huss

Publications Coordinator: David Pfaltzgraff-Carlson

Website Administrator: Lonny Burger

Assistant Website Administrator: Emmanuel Greene

(* = Convener or Clerk)
2015 2016 2017
Religious Nurture and Education (12)
Andy Garrison (1M) David Garman (1W) Rhonda Pfalzgraft-Carlson (1M)
Rod Dixon (1M) Marjorie McKelvey Isaacs (2M)
Nikki Coffee Tousley (1M) Diann Herzog (2W)
Yearly Meeting Planning (9)
(ex-officio Clerks of Teen & Junior YM Committee)
Kate Anthony (1M) Heather Snediker Morsheck* (2M)
Kay Wheeler (1M) Dinah Duvall (2W) Martha Viehmann* (2M)
Paul Kriese (1M Richard Mitchell (2M
Children's Program (6)
Susan Hyde (2M) Beth Parrish (4M)
Gloria Bruner (2W) Hannah Branson* (6M) Carey Bryson (2W)
Middle Youth (6)
Rachel Dean* (1M) Charles Moore (1M)
Victoria Burke (1M) Richard Mitchell (2M)
Carey Bryson (1W)
Teen Activities (9+6 Teens)
Russ Wheeler (1M) Devid Funck (2M)*
Chance Duvall (1W) Heather Snediker-Morsheck (2M)
Peter Hardy* (1M) Nathen Coppock (2M) Emmett Olis-Cartnel (2M)
Anna Margaret Green (1W)
6 teens named as sessions
Hinae Togami Andrew Hardy James Cleven
Isaac Hines Williams
Peace and Social Concerns (9)
Richard Mitchell* Ron Haldeman Frank Huss
Marshall Gibson Bob Vetter David Duvall
Earthcare Committee
Bill Cahalan* Marci Ankrom David Duvall
Ria Collee Janette Shetter
Auditing Committee (2 year overlapping terms)
Veronica Frost (2M) Donita Barnes (2M) Bob Holada (2W)
Budget and Finance (ex officio treasurer and asst treasurer)
Ben Griffith* (1M) Paul Buckley (2M) Fred Feitler (2W)
Faith and Practice (9)
Betsy Neale* (4M) Rex Sprouse (4W)*
Lisa Cayard (3M) Mary Garmen (2W)
Wilson Palmer, invited member Paul Buckley (2W)
Nominating Committee (4)
Ben Griffith (2M) Paul Kriese (1M)
Yoshiya Togami (2M) Jamie Fota (2M)
Friends Music Camp (6 named by FMC)
Carl Hyde (1M) Victoria Burke (1M) Gail Miller (2M)
Carolyn Stankey (1M)
Anne Whitaker (1M)
Braddock Trustee (Named by Braddock Family)
AFSC Representative (4)
Peter Fosl (2M) Pam Richards (1M)
FWCC Representative (4)
Howie Baker (1M) Josh Medlin (1W)
FGC Central Committee Representative (3)
Paul Kriese (1M) Andrew Koehler Hardy (1M) Adam Funck (1M)
FCNL Representative (4)
Julia Thompson (1W) Frank Huss
Paul Kriese (1W) Ken Boardwell
FLGBTQC Representative
Carrie Shaver
William Penn House Representative
Paul Kriese
Quaker Earthcare Witness Representative
Ria Collee
Friends Peace Teams Representative
Frank Huss

1 or 2=Year of 3-year term
The number next to the Committee name indicates the number of members.

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