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Updated 01/01/2015 by
Quaker Heights Addition Construction is underway for the new 11,000+ square foot Quaker Heights addition. Estimated completion date for the new wing is summer of 2015. When finished, it will house 15 private suites for short-stay residents coming to the facility for post-hospital rehab, a dining room and kitchen as well as a state-of-the-art therapy gym for residents and outpatients. Quaker Heights expects a continuing surge in outpatient therapy usage. Already, increasing numbers of outpatients choose Quaker Heights Therapy for its friendly, knowledgeable staff. A number of existing semi-private rooms will convert to private in keeping with the market shifts when the new wing opens.

Quaker Heights’ green storage barn was torn down to make way for the structure. A new pole barn was constructed off the High Street driveway that leads to the back of the existing health care area. This barn will house Quaker Heights' vehicles.
Quaker Heights Addition Much dirt was moved to elevate the site pad by nearly five feet. At this writing, the footers are nearly completed to prepare for pouring the foundation. It is estimated that the foundation will be in by mid-January. The red barn pictured is being demolished very soon. The Museum at the Friends Home Trustees and others spread the word that arrangements could be made with any individuals or groups interested in the structure, or its wood, to take down the barn. Some pieces were removed, but it was determined that there was little historical value to the barn’s original construction.
This wing will be accessible from Miami St. and have its own entrance and parking. The new construction adjoins the current building at the end of a long-term care hallway. Several existing rooms already have been closed due to the work. At the time of groundbreaking, the project was estimated to take 10 months. Ruscilli Construction of Columbus, Ohio, is the contractor. They were selected due to their extensive experience in handling HUD loan construction.

Updated 01/01/2015 by
The 2015 Annual Sessions will again take place at Earlham College, July 29 - August 2. Addional information will be posted to the
Annual Sessions Page as they become available.

Updated 01/01/2015 by the
On Saturday August 16, three meetings-Community, Cincinnati, and Eastern Hills Meetings-sponsored an exploration of the spiritual diversity found among Friends. The purpose of the event was to come to a better understanding of the varieties of beliefs within the Religious Society of Friends in the United States-not only between the our major branches, but also the multiplicity of individual experiences within each branch.
Four Friends spoke about what it means to them to be a Quaker. The presenters are members of Friends United Meeting, Evangelical, Conservative, and Friends General Conference meetings, and each has experience with other kinds of Friends. None could be described as "typical." Perhaps in this way, they are typical of our society as a whole.
The day began at 9AM, gathering with bagels, coffee, and other light food. Then, each presenter spoke for about half an hour, followed by a short question and answer time. After lunch, they all interacted with the other presenters. A simple lunch was provided which attendees enjoyed in small groups to allow them to get to know the presenters and each other better and discuss queries associated with the theme of the day's gathering. The event will end at mid-afternoon.
Photos from the event can be found on the
Event Photos Page.
Downloads of the audio files of the presentations are available at the bottom of the Links Page.

Updated 01/01/2015 by the
Olney Friends School in Barnesville, Ohio decided not to lease rights to potentially rich oil and gas reserves under its land for hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking." In so doing, the school aligned itself with a tradition of environmental stewardship echoed in many Friends organizations. It also declined hundreds of thousands of dollars in guaranteed compensation. Still, the school's mission will flourish with financial support from Friends.
Quaker testimonies of community, simplicity, service and stewardship - all intimately connected - shone vibrantly in this process (of discerning how to advance the school's mission while balancing Quaker principles with financial health). In making the decision to forego the riches of fracking and to attempt to save the riches of the earth literally beneath the school and community, Olney Friends School positioned itself as a leader in environmental stewardship.
John Woolman could not foresee the scale and complexity of the world's economies or ecologies, but he set the stage for a tradition of stewardship more than two centuries ago. The school reaches out to Friends now to help it move forward in the Light, and to transform its convictions into opportunities to strengthen the school's future (from Protecting Pastures for Posterity pamphlet) - Check out
Olney's Website for more information.
You can also read the pamphlets from Olney: Protecting Pastures for Posterity and Olney's Stance on Stewardship.

Updated 01/01/2015 by the
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