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Added 09/05/2015 by the the
Cincinnati Friends Meeting is honored to announce the upcoming release of Quakers: That of God in Everyone, a feature-length film documentary produced by Rebel Pilgrim Productions and written by Donne Hayden. The film chronicles the rich history of social activism and faith of Quakers, with a focus on Quakers in southwestern Ohio as they lived their commitment to Quaker testimonies that changed our communities, nation and world. Cincinnati Friends Meeting, celebrating its 200th anniversary, is featured in the film, as our Quakers from throughout the Cincinnati and Wilmington Yearly Meeting area. The film will be screened as part of the 2015 Cincinnati Film Festival on Thursday, September 17th at the old St. Michael's Church in Price Hill, 2104 St. Michael's Street. The screening is scheduled to begin between 7:00-7:30 p.m. Cincinnati Friends Meeting will host a formal premiere of the film in October at a location and date to be announced.

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Quaker Heritage Center
The Quaker Heritage Center at Wilmington College is celebrating its 10th anniversary. with a series of special events. There's a Retrospective Exhibit September 1 through Decembe 11, 2015 (revisit your favorite exhibits and check out some you may have missed). Their Birthday Party is September 24th at 7:30pm, to include games, tours, and cake. Saturday, September 26th, noon-5pm, the Quaker Heritage Center is proud to participate in Smithsonian Magazine's 11th annual Museum Day Live. All of the details, including gallery address and hours. are available on the Quaker Heritage Center Website.

Updated 08/08/2015 by
Community, Cincinnati, and Eastern Hills Meetings met to explore some of the many varieties of service found among Friends in an all-day gathering on Saturday August 8, 2015 at Cincinnati Friends Meeting (8075 Keller Rd, Cincinnati). The event provided Friends in the region with an opportunity to understand different forms of ministry within the Religious Society of Friends, from preaching on Sunday morning to serving on a meeting committee to providing service in the wider world-any work that arises from a divine call.

Four Friends served on the panel. Lloyd Lee Wilson is a recorded minister in North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) and is known for his various publications. Represented by her son Evyes Dusenge (a student at Guildford College), Rachel Bugenimana (unable to get a visa for the event) was born Rwanda and lived through the 1994 genocide. Rachel serves at the Friends Peace House in Kigali. Evyes also spoke about his own ministry. Martha Viehmann is a member of Eastern Hills Friends Meeting and has served as recording clerk of her meeting and on the Yearly Meeting's Middle Youth and Planning Committees. Recent Earlham College graduate, Sarah Medlin, brought the perspective of a Young Adult Friends to round out the panel.

The day opened at 9AM with bagels, coffee, and other light food. In the morning, each presenter described his or her ministry and in the afternoon, talked about the spiritual process that led them to that particular service. There was also time for questions and comments from the audience. A simple lunch was provided during which queries about ministry were discussed. The event ended at mid-afternoon after closing worship. Recordings of the speakers can be downloaded from the Special Events Page and photos of it are available on the Photos Page.

Added 08/08/2015 by
Ohio Valley became the third yearly meeting in the United States to approve a divestment minute during our annual sessions, following divestment minute approvals by Northern and Pacific yearly meetings earlier this summer. The minute (see: below) calls for withdrawing investments in coal, petroleum, and natural gas within five years. Virtually all scientists agree that burning these fossil fuels is the primary cause of global climate change. On July 30, 2015, after a threshing session introduced by Bill Cahalan, Dylan Jordan Cahalan, and Marjorie Isaacs, Steve Angel, clerking for Rex Sprouse, asked if Friends were ready to approve the minute brought forwarded by Miami Quarter, which had itself approved divestment this past May. The many responses of, “Approve” were followed by positive suggestions including: individual and monthly meetings work on divesting from fossil fuels and generally invest in socially responsible ways.

NASA scientists’ announcement on 7-25-15 that the hole in the Ozone is clearly beginning to close gave timely support. Cooperative global banning of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) in refrigerators and aerosol cans, directly caused this moon-sized hole to shrink. That same week the Union of Concerned Scientists exposed deliberate efforts of some fossil fuel companies to inspire false doubt about climate change. "I think it’s amazing how quickly this this all happened-the power of Light!" said Miami Quarter co-clerk Veronica Frost.

We now have the technology through clean power such as solar and wind. The shrinking of the ozone hole demonstrates that global cooperation can improve the atmosphere. The ending of Apartheid, promoted by world-wide divesting from South Africa, shows that global awareness can promote good political decisions. Now divesting from fossil fuels can help focus world awareness on the impact of fossil fuels on climate change.

Added 06/30/2015 by
The Minute, approved July 2014, reads as follows: "Community Friends is committing itself to divest our funds from fossil fuel energy companies’ stocks as soon as reasonably possible. This divestment effort must also keep our investment practices in line with all of our values. Community Friends needs to use this first step of divestment from fossil fuel stock to begin addressing the challenges of climate change, overconsumption, and overpopulation. The Meeting will work on developing programs and proposals for helping us live with a smaller ecological footprint, both as a Meeting and as individuals. We will also work toward developing relationships with others outside our Meeting who share our concerns."

Additionally, Community Friends (Quaker) Meeting invites other Meetings to consider divesting financial resources from fossil fuel extraction corporations. Please read the Divestment Invitation Document for the full information.

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