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Miami Quarterly Meeting

About Quakers

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends

Miami Quarterly
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NamePositionTerm Expires
Presiding Co-Clerk 5th Month 2015
Presiding Co-Clerk 2nd Month 2015
Recording Clerk 2nd Month 2015
Treasurer 2nd Month 2015
Committee of Two 2nd Month 2015
Committee of Two 2nd Month 2015

Quaker Meeting for Worship

DateHostAdult ProgramYouth Program
05/17/2015Lexington to Host at LexingtonCommunity (SOS)Lexington
10/11/2015Miami to Host, venue to be announcedTo Be AnnouncedMQ/MY & Teens Comm
02/21/2016Yellow Springs to Host at DaytonDaytonYellow Springs
05/15/2016Community to Host at CommunityMiami (SOS)Community
10/07/2016-10/09/2016Joint Quarterly Meeting, Miami to Host at a location to be announcedJoint QuarterlyWQ/MY & Teens Comm

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