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Updated: 04/18/2014

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Quaker Job Openings

This page contains information and links to open positions across the wider Quaker community.† They are organized by type and contain links to find more information, including contact information.† Since most of these are provided by outside organizations, some of these may have already been filled.

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

The Religious Society of Friends

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Updated 9/16/2013 by

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting has open volunteer position for Assistant Treasurer to assist the Treasurer in his duties with OVYMís Finances. Interested Parties should notify OVYM of their interest in the position with a submission on the Contact Us Page.

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting has open volunteer position for Quaker Quill Editor to publish the Quaker Quill (our quarterly newsletter). Interested Parties should notify OVYM of their interest in the position with a submission on the Contact Us Page.


Added 3/26/2014 by

Resident Friend Position at Cambridge, MA, Friends Meeting Friends Meeting at Cambridge (MA) invites you to encourage one or more gifted Friends whom you may know (or a couple to share the position) to apply for the position of Resident Friend, an important spiritual and administrative position at the heart of our Meeting.
In brief, this is a 3-6 year position, with the responsibility for caring about and supporting our large urban Meeting (400 members, 150+ at worship). With input from appropriate committees and individuals the Resident Friend will supervise 5 FTE staff members and will exercise significant oversight and coordination of communication, pastoral care, spiritual education, outreach, and other programmatic activities. We particularly wish to improve our ability to attract and integrate young people and families, and welcome a greater diversity of class and race. Please see the Job Description for complete details of the position. Our application deadline is April 15, 2014.

Updated 8/5/2013 by

Pendle Hill regularly posts information about open positions, with position descriptions and application on the Pendle Hill Website.
They are currently seeking a Communication Manager at Pendle Hill. It is a paid internship with housing, meals and healthcare. Read the Internship Position Document for more information.

Posted 4/5/2013 by

The Peace Resource Center has an open position for Peace Resource Center Coordinator at Wilmington College. View the Coordinator Position Document for more information.

Updated 3/8/2013 by

The United Nations Quaker Office (QUNO) has open positions on an ongoing basis for interestee Quakers.The QUNO Website has information on these open positions.