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This page, which was updated on Fifth Month (May) 21, 2016, describes a bit about Prospect Hill Friends Meeting. A brief, and yet quite complete, description exists in a brochure distributed to visitors and other interested persons. A copy of the text within that brochure has been posted as a separate web page titled About Prospect Hill Friends Meeting. Prospect Hill Friends Meeting also maintains a small library. A listing of the library catalog is also posted; members and attenders of the Meeting are encouraged both to use the catalog to request to borrow books and also to suggest other appropriate titles.

Topics at the current site include, but are not limited to, those in the following list; each is linked to the appropriate section on this web page:

First Day (Sunday) Meetings for Worship

On the first First Day (Sunday) of the each month, the unprogrammed Meeting for Worship begins at 4:00 p.m. (doors open by 3:45 p.m. to allow time to settle).

Monthly Meeting with Attention to Business in the warm months begins at 5:00 p.m on the first Sunday at TCFM.The next Monthly Meeting with Attention to Business is scheduled for June 5, 2016.

On other Sundays, Meeting for Worship begins at 4:00 p.m. (doors open by 3:45 p.m. to allow time to settle), and is followed by a program at 5:00 p.m. The programs are varied; related topics usually are spaced about one month apart. On the second Sunday of each month, a potluck supper and fellowship follow the program beginning around 6:00 p.m..


Prospect Hill Friends Meeting meets in the Twin Cities Friends Meeting house,

1725 Grand Avenue, in St. Paul from 4 p.m. – 6p.m.

(scroll down to the bottom of this website for directions)


For meeting location, driving directions or/and more information please contact: clerk Michael Russelle (651-434-0716), assistant clerk Frank Wood, recording clerk Dan Madsen, and the treasurer is David Coats.

If you have a concern, you may speak to the clerks or any of the Spiritual Nurture Committee (SNC): Sigrid Coats, Lyn Egolf Grider or Cynthia Bartoo.

Scheduled programs are (or were):




May 22


The Meaning of Forgiveness

Worship Sharing

Michael Russelle

May 29

A program on books – the PHFM library

Library Committee

June 5

Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Business


June 12

Report from Yearly Meeting

Potluck supper to follow

Ralph & Cynthia and any others

who attended

2016 Program Liaison is Betsy Proechel and Cynthia Bartoo. Contact them with program ideas.

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Northern Yearly Meeting and Friends General Conference

Prospect Hill Friends Meeting is a member of the Northern Yearly Meeting, a member of Friends General Conference.

Northern Yearly Meeting does not have Quarterly Meetings. Some of those functions are met by Four Rivers Friends, which has representatives from the four Monthly meetings in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Their programs are listed as appropriate on their own page.

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Third Friday Gathering

These programs enable the members of the Meeting to get to know one another better. The potluck starts at 6:15p.m. (unless otherwise noted) and is followed by a program or activities. A somewhat related function is provided by the social gathering.

Friday,November 20, 2015: Holiday Fair Pre-Sale, at the Bartoo-Jacobson residence, dessert only pot luck. Come at 7 p.m. and bring a friend. This sale is to benefit Friends for a Non Violent World.

Examples of past Third Fridays:

Friday, February 21, 2014 – This was a specially called Meeting for Business. The Russelles hosted potluck supper. This was called to draft and approve a letter on the Poly Met Mining issue to be sent to the MN DNR.

Examples of Third Fridays - during 2013:

Friday, May 17 – Meeting & Growing Through Life’s Challenges. Facilitator: Sigrid Coats

Friday, June 22, all-day Slumgullion at Wood’s Pine River cabin. Save the date; more info will follow.

Friday, September 20 – Creativity and Spirituality. Facilitators: Betsy & Cynthia

Friday, October 18 – Climate Change: What Can Meeting Do?  Presenter is Suzanne Joy Curran who will share from the workshop she took at FGC earlier this year.

Friday, November 15We’ll watch the film, The Girl from Birch Creek.

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Prospect Hill Meeting uses the calendar year as its fiscal year. All Meeting appointments are also scheduled for the calendar year. The clerk for calendar year 2015 is Michael Russelle, the assistant clerk is Frank Wood, the recording clerk is Dan Madsen, and the treasurer is David Coats. Appointments to other organizations and committee assignments include the following:


Spiritual Nurture Committee

Audit and Budget Committee

FCNL Representative

Ad Hoc Committees

Four Rivers Friends Representatives

Newsletter Editor/Distributor

Nominating Committee

NYM Representatives

Program Liaison

Directory Editor/Distributor


Webpage Editor

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Social Gathering

** Watch for Retreat Plans in February or March.

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Activism and Links

The members and attenders of Prospect Hill Friends Meeting have been active in a number of Quaker related organizations. These include:

These programs, produced for radio, are prepared by Mark Judkins Helpmeet under the care of Eau Claire Friends Meeting as a Northern Spirit Radio Project. The intent of these programs is to provide religious and spiritual radio programming with an aim to identify and nurture progressive living, to create a culture of mutual growth for those working hard to heal the world, and the religious communities who support such work. They intend to shine the Light where folks too seldom look, and encourage joy and energy for the physical work bringing Divine Love to the planet.


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Directions to TCFM

We currently meet at the Twin Cities Friends Meetinghouse, 1725 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul, MN

Our Meeting can be reached by driving on I-94 and taking the Snelling Avenue exit and then heading south. At Grand Avenue turn right (west) and drive for two long blocks. The building is located on the right, the first building west of the school playground. Parking is available on the street or in the parking lot in back.

                                                      If you are away from home, check out the locations of other meetings at (Quakerfinder).

Please send email to: regarding any comments or questions about this web site.

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