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SPRING, 2002: Volume 7, Issue 1

Every Friends Church and Meeting a Center for Peacemaking: RESOURCES

Public Conversations Project, begun in 1989, promotes constructive conversations and relationships among those who have differing values, world views, and positions related to divisive public issues.

PCP has convened, conducted, and evaluated dialogues on abortion, the environment, sexual orientation and religion, social class, and population and women’s health. We have consulted on a wide range of issues and have shared the fruits of our learning through workshops and trainings, offered nationally and internationally, and publications in the popular press and scholarly journals.

Currently PCP offers extensive dialogue guides on “Constructive Conversations about Challenging Times” with guides for both Community and Family dialogues.

Public Conversations Project,
E-mail: [email protected]

46 Kondazian St., Watertown MA 02472-2832,
Tel. 617-923-1216


Campus Action offers information and resources for organizing that focus on youth, but are useful for anyone seeking to organize meetings, protests, lobbying of government officials, etc.

Their “Activist Toolbox” includes simple and clear information on running meetings, media and publicity, fundraising, organizing tactics and so forth.

Campus Action,
E-mail: [email protected]

33 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12210,
Tel. 518-434-3856

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