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FALL, 2001: Volume 6, Issue 3

From the Editor by Val Liveoak

This month PTN’s lead articles focus on the nonviolent witness for peace and social justice in the West Bank and Colombia.of our partner, Christian Peacemaker Teams. The courageous efforts of Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank and of the Embera-Katío indigenous group in Colombia are large steps forward in nonviolent resistance to the culture of violence that dominates life in their countries. Lawmakers of the United States need to find ways to support the people’s need for peace and replace policies which destroy human life, the environment and threaten to spread the violence to the entire region. To learn how you can encourage them to do so, see Catherine Stratton Treadway’s article.

This summer, much of my work has focused on Colombia. For over a year FPT has been attempting to develop a project there, trying to pull together a consultative group which would help us develop further work. I hope and trust that we are beginning to see the fruits of these efforts—a small group of people have begun regular telephone conferences—and that by next Spring, we will be able to send an exploratory team. If you would like to help us develop this project, please contact me at 877-814-6972 or by e-mail at [email protected].

As we work in situations of violence, grassroots communities in the Middle East, in Colombia, in East Africa, have shown us the way. We need to continue to listen to, and learn from them. Then we can join with them in their nonviolent witness. Our work with our East African partners is an ongoing workshop in peace building that reaches from Los Angeles to remote villages in Burundi and Rwanda. Some of the flavor of this work is expressed by Adrien Niyongabo’s report in this issue.

All of our work and the work of our partners continues only as F(f)riends are led to step forward to share their gifts with our partners in these troubled places. We’ll be sending out our annual fundraising appeal this month. Please look for it and consider helping us continue to support the work of peacemaking.

Our Coordinating Committee will meet in Milwaukee Oct. 11-14. If you would like to join us for some of our session, or for a public discussion of our work, to be held on the 12th, please contact me (see above) or Julia Pantoga, our local contact, at 414-962-9194.

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