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SUMMER, 2000: Volume 5 Issue 2

Update on African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI) in Uganda

In February, 2000, four experienced AVP facilitators—Theresa Edlmann (South Africa), Bob Barns (USA), Grazyna Bonati (England), and Ray Boucher (USA) joined Grace Kiconco, AVP-Uganda’s General Secretary, and sixteen Uganda facilitators in conducting eight Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops. Two were in men’s prisons, one in a women’s prison, three were with ex-combatants, and two were with community members. Although there were the usual minor problems associated with doing work in the African environment (breakdown of transportation vehicle in route, for example), the workshops were enthusiastically received and the cross-fertilization gave the AGLI facilitators much to ponder. A full report may be obtained by visiting our website at www.quaker.org/fptp/agli/uganda.htm or e-mailing [email protected]. As follow-up to the Peace Team work, contacts have been made in Uganda and England by AVP-Uganda which will support numerous additional AVP workshops in Uganda.

Three members of Rwanda Yearly Meeting of Friends were able to attend some of the AVP workshops in Uganda. As a result they have asked that AVP be introduced in Rwanda to work with the 120,000 genocide suspects presently in jail, those involved in the genocide as victims or perpetrators, and now those soldiers (frequently only boys) returning from the fighting in the Congo. We have drafted a proposal which will send two of the Ugandan facilitators and two international facilitators to Rwanda for a month. Funding, though, is a problem, and we would appreciate any leads you might have for such funds.