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SUMMER, 1998: Volume 3 Issue 2

Editor's Note

Let me start with apologies: For our last issue, I had planned to mark the mailing labels with a red dot to indicate that they were from the readers who had returned the subscription request coupon on the next to last page of Peace Team News. But in the time between writing the newsletter, sending it to the wonderful volunteer who lays it out (Susan Rose—thanks again!) and revising the mailing list at least two times, and printing out the labels, I discovered that I had lost the revisions. At the last minute, before sending the labels to David Zarembka, who prepares the newsletters for bulk mailing, I hand-addressed the ones that reflected changes, but forgot to mark the ones that were simple renewals. So those of you who renewed may have thought we didn’t know you had. This time as I revise the data base, I intend to put an asterick ( * ) and the year of revision or re-subscription on labels. If your label is lacking this notation, we haven’t received your response to our request that you let us know if you still want PTN. (See p. 13.)

What this experience taught me, beside not doing the labels at the last minute, was that we REALLY REALLY need some one else to do the mailing list upkeep. We’d like someone in the DC or Baltimore area to commit to doing it for at least one year. There are about 700 names on our list as it is right now. Let me know if you’re interested.

As I was preparing this issue, I saw that the articles we had were by some of the same people who had written for the last issue. I believe that the updates on topics of interest to our readers are valuable, but I’d like to invite other f/Friends, especially those whose Meetings or Friends Churches are doing Peace Team projects to submit stories (or even story ideas) to us. We can all learn from each other.

In this issue are three articles that suggest action (letter writing and donations) to help people in Chiapas and Kosovo. Although the articles were written a few months ago, the concerns persist, and the need for international assistance continues.

Finally, an offer and a request. At the end of October, FPTP’s Coordinating Council will meet in Richmond, Indiana. A number of us are available to speak in classes or Sunday schools, or to give workshops on a number of topics related to Peace Team work. Several of us can remain in the area for around 10 days. So please help us set up talks with groups in the area, which includes probably anywhere within a 3-4 hour travel radius of Richmond or Chicago. Please contact me at: Val Liveoak, PO Box 10372, San Antonio TX 78210-4108, tel: 210-532-8762, e-mail: [email protected]