The meaningful impact of the Quaker Peace Centre’s work depends upon the dedication, skills and experience of its staff. Project management, staff training, monitoring and evaluation ensure that resources are used to achieve our goals in the most effective manner. Informative reporting and financial accountability give confidence to our supporters worldwide.

The Quaker Peace Centre seeks to bring about partnerships between government, business and ourselves, in order to assist our clients who desperately in need of skills and support to manage their own destiny.

We believe that the resources needed to continue this work are not in short supply but that lack of information hinders the flow of support between active donors and active peacemakers.

We welcome the opportunity to present our work on the Web - we welcome your support for active peacemaking in South Africa.

All donors are regularly supplied with information on our programme impact.

Donations from countries other than the UK and Ireland should be sent to:

The Manager
Quaker Peace Centre

3 Rye Road
Cape Town 7700
South Africa

Drafts (cheques) can be made out in the name of the Quaker Peace Centre.

Account name: Quaker Peace Centre
Account no.: 075123568
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Mowbray
Branch Code: 024909
Address: 37-39 Main Road, Mowbray, Cape Town 7700, South Africa

Donations through the internet:

Payment can be made through the website

Look for the heading 'Find a charity and donate' in the middle left of the screen. In the box labelled 'Keyword(s) or phrase', type in "Cape Town Quaker" and click on Search. When the next screen appears, click on 'Donate' next to 'Cape Town Quaker Peace Centre Committee'.

Donations from the UK and Ireland should be sent to:

Cape Town Quaker Peace Centre Committee of Central England Quakers
c/o Friends Meeting House
40 Bull Street
Birmingham B4 6AF

Carole Rakodi (Committee Convenor)

Tel: (0121) 427 9502

e-mail address

Cheques or CAF vouchers can be made out to Cape Town Quaker Peace Centre Committee.


Please consider the Quaker Peace Centre in your will.

Our grateful thanks.

Contact (at the Quaker Peace Centre)

The manager (Martin Struthmann) at the details on the index page.